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Simplified Compliance Task Management

NAVEX One Compliance Hub simplifies employee compliance, strengthening your culture with a more individualized and engaging experience.

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What NAVEX One Compliance Hub can do for you

Simplify compliance for your team

Take compliance task management to a new level with NAVEX One Compliance Hub. 

Our all-in-one employee compliance portal is tailored to your organization, user-friendly and accessible, making the compliance journey effortless for everyone in your team. 

Experience the NAVEX One Compliance Hub advantages: 

  • Simplified tasks – one-stop access to all compliance duties from training to policy attestations 
  • Quick incident reporting – employees can raise issues, ask questions and track progress with a click 
  • Instant support – instant, AI-powered answers to compliance queries with NAVEX Compliance Assistant
  • Multilingual support – inclusive reporting and questionnaire response options in the employee’s preferred language
NAVEX People Hub on mobile

Create and automate workflows, and keep track of compliance progress

Centrally manage all risk and compliance information in the NAVEX One GRCIS platform. Then, distribute all communications, training, tasks and other compliance information to employees in one easy-to-use interface: NAVEX One Compliance Hub employee compliance management software.  

  • Quickly create, update, and reuse compliance workflows 
  • Automate procedures by title, department, location, and more 
  • Trigger onboarding and key ongoing tasks by milestones 
  • Measure employee and company progress on critical compliance tasks
NAVEX People Hub in action

Customize the experience to reinforce company culture

We provide employee compliance task management software, but bringing a culture of compliance to life is the responsibility of any modern company. Make Compliance Hub your own with custom messaging, branding, and more. 

  • Provide easy access with a simple, branded URL
  • Add your company logo and colors 
  • Reinforce culture with a message from your CEO  
  • Get the message out globally – available in 15 languages
NAVEX People Hub in action

Get started with NAVEX One Compliance Hub employee compliance task management software today!

Maintain centralized management while empowering your people to take control of their compliance journey.