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Shape smarter strategies with GRC insights

Stop sifting through data and start solving problems with compliance reporting that puts you in control of your data.

See NAVEX GRC Insights in action

Take command of your GRC reporting

Your team’s ability to pivot and progress hinges on using clear and strategic GRC data. With NAVEX GRC Insights, data from across your organization is available in board-ready, standard or custom reports to drive your compliance outcomes. 

With it, you will: 

  • Spend less time finding data points and more time drawing meaningful conclusions 
  • Streamline how you measure compliance performance long-term 
  • Shed light on the data driving your organization’s compliance goals
See how it works
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Tame data chaos with compliance reporting software

The world is spilling over with data. Your organization is no exception. Transform the flood of information throughout your compliance program into meaningful reporting dashboards with NAVEX GRC Insights.

Incident management

Translate whistleblowing metrics and reporting data into dynamic, easy-to-understand reports.   

  1. Find and display crucial whistleblowing metrics, like open and closed cases, in just a few clicks 
  2. See your data in custom GRC dashboards that speak clearly to your team and stakeholders 
  3. Spot trends and improve program efficiency by holistically analyzing your investigation data  

Learn more about Whistleblowing & Incident Management

Conflict of interest disclosures

Make disclosures easier to collect and resolve by visualizing patterns across your organization. 

  1. Spot and act on trends in conflicts of interest before they escalate 
  2. Share and dissect COI data with your team to inform discussions 
  3. Stay aware of how quickly you’re solving conflicts, measuring what improve efficiency 

Learn more about Disclosure Management

Third-party risk management

Shed light on the complex web of third-party risks with detailed reports that connect and analyze isolated data sources. 

  1. Sort and present third-party risk details, like location and approval status, in clear visual formats 
  2. Stay prepared with instant alerts if priority risks are identified  
  3. Compile and analyze all your third-party risk data for insights, bringing down overall risk 

Learn more about Third Party Screening and Monitoring

Maximize the impact of your compliance reporting

Inform, inspire and engage by presenting the GRC data most useful to your stakeholders. Driven by Power BI, NAVEX GRC Insights dashboards help you tighten up how you find and present the data that matters most.

Intelligent analytics

Master data with advanced forecasting 

Transform the way you view and interact with your GRC data. 

  • On-trend – Stay ahead of trends by applying forecasting to your data 
  • Tailored to fit – Get relevant insights by personalizing analyses with custom formulas  
  • Consistent cloning – Maintain the integrity of critical filters when cloning reports
Dynamic visuals

Visualize your most important metrics 

Freshen up raw data by transforming it into an attractive report format for maximum impact. 

  • Data clarity – Data is formatted to make it easily understandable 
  • Engaging visuals – Your reports present data in a fresh and engaging view 
  • Smart filters – Dive into focus areas of your data in-report, effortlessly
Easy sharing

Streamline collaboration and get the right data to the right people, fast. 

  • Instant send – Speed up report distribution and sharing with stakeholders 
  • Access controls –  Optimize collaboration and security by managing who sees what 
  • Q&A input – Use Q&A to aid visualizations while you explore data sets

Further guidance on GRC compliance reporting

These aren’t the data analytics your grandparents grew up with. Check out our additional resources on how GRC insights gives depth and meaning to your internal GRC data.

Turn data into directions with GRC insights

Go past the surface of the GRC data you collect and inspire action past the raw data. Ready to see the difference a data story makes?