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  • Governance, Risk & Compliance Platform for Confident Risk Management

    The NAVEX  One  GRC Information System  unifies employees, third parties, and processes across your organization.

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Introducing NAVEX One

A smart GRC Information System

The NAVEX One Governance Risk and Compliance Information System helps you manage risk complexity. How? By focusing on solutions for how employees, third parties and business processes work together. 

  • Create by a stronger corporate culture backed by business integrity  
  • Gain a comprehensive view of your GRC program 
  • Maintain global regulatory compliance 
  • Proactively address and mitigate risk
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NAVEX One governance risk and compliance platform

Solve your most challenging business issues with a holistic governance, risk and compliance platform

Learn how the NAVEX One GRC Information System can strengthen the way you manage:

  • Increase productivity throughout GRC processes

    NAVEX providing a translation service that further reduces risk to an organization is both compelling and necessary. This also has the potential to increase productivity throughout GRC processes and practices of an organization and empower management and staff to react more quickly to reduce risk and increase compliance.

    IDC, NAVEX Announces New AI-Driven Translation Shared Service, Doc #lcUS51174423, Aug 2023

  • Fantastic GRC Platform

    [NAVEX One] is very robust and has an abundance of customizations suitable for any organization. It is easily navigating and is a one stop shop for process, risks, and controls.

  • One stop shop for Corporate Risk, compliance and HR management

    NAVEX One provides a full suite of compliance management tools that address employee training, code of conduct, HR policies and other critical aspects of a strong workplace culture. It also supports an array of analytics and benchmarking tasks, which in turn generate valuable - and actionable - reports.

  • Risk assessment solution for your Clinical Trial

    [NAVEX One] integrates all levels of your management to analysis and compliance of Clinical Trial Risks. As we need to rate and monitor all risks at every stage of a clinical trial, NAVEX provided value with their great compliance reporting database. The team at NAVEX is really helpful and understand company needs.

    Verified User in Hospital and Healthcare

    5 star review for NAVEX One GRC platform
  • Efficient, readily comprehensible and presented in a concise manner

    This document management system is both budget friendly and user-friendly, offering customizable approval workflows and a useful questionnaire feature to facilitate employee information reviews.

What the NAVEX One GRC Information System can do for you

Enhance your culture of compliance

NAVEX One offers users an intuitive user experience that delivers a comprehensive view of compliance program activity and performance for your employees and program administrators.   

  • Onboard employees and ensure compliance  
  • Manage training, policies and procedures 
  • Uncover conflicts of interest 
  • Encourage a speak up culture with industry leading hotline and intake  
  • Centralize incident management

Learn more about creating a culture of compliance

Screenshot of NAVEX One People Hub

Identify and reduce third-party risk

Comply with changing regulations and sanctions by knowing who you are doing business with – both before and throughout the relationship.  

  • Simplify third-party onboarding 
  • Surface risks with real-time reputation alerts  
  • Understand your third parties’ ESG commitments  
  • Maintain supply chain integrity  
  • Plan for business interruptions before they happen  

Learn more about reducing third-party risk

Screenshot of NAVEX One third party risk management

Automate risk and compliance processes

Understand and manage the process-related risk to your organization. Establish governance to meet regulations, internal policies, and ESG related guidance.   

  • Build an automated and sustainable information security management system 
  • Identify and mitigate operational risks  
  • Manage compliance requirements 
  • Increase productivity with in-platform translations
  • Assign, collect and report on ESG performance  

Learn more about automating your risk and compliance processes

Screenshot of NAVEX One IRM OOTB

Maintain informed, data-driven governance

Improve your bottom line through compliance and organizational insights. Identify and isolate risk-signal data to mitigate future risk and drive better decision-making.   

  • Aggregate data for a shared view of risk across the organization 
  • Measure, evaluate and advance GRC programs against industry benchmarks 
  • Create customized dashboards to track KPIs  
  • See key data in real-time so you can act immediately and confidently 

Learn more about informed, data-driven governance

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How the NAVEX One Governance, Risk and Compliance Information System works

NAVEX One uses a multi-layer, three-tier architecture that consolidates, manages and automates core compliance, governance, and risk workflows.

  • Unified view
  • Provides a comprehensive view of risk and compliance
  • ​Reduces learning curves and leverages familiarity
  • Improves usage speed and preference
  • Creates consistent workflows
  • Single system
  • Reduces silos and process gaps
  • Strengthens privacy and security
  • Centralizes content monitoring and management
  • Enables greater economies of scale
  • Data Foundation
  • Turns analytics into action
  • Identifies potential opportunities and threats
  • Makes data-driven decisions
  • Employs the scalability of the cloud

Image depicting NAVEX One governance risk and compliance platform

Delivering the best outcomes across your organization


People Hub for all compliance tasks

Single sign on for training and policies

Quick, accurate, in-platform machine translations

Multiple hotline and intake options

Third parties

Comprehensive third-party onboarding

Holistic vendor risk scores

Third party IT assessments

Change management


Controls and frameworks

Privacy and security assessments

Risk audits and mitigation

Reports and dashboards

Get started with the NAVEX One Governance, Risk and Compliance Information System today!

Regain control of your people, third parties, and processes – all in one streamlined GRCIS platform.