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Utility & Energy Risk Management Solutions

Risks in the energy and utilities sector include operations, supply chain, safety, technology and much more. NAVEX’s risk-based compliance solution meets the energy sector’s high regulatory demands.

Compliance and Risk Management Software for Energy & Utilities

As one of the largest and most regulated industries, the energy sector has to employ compliance strategies that are robust as well as agile. These strategies have to account for political, environmental and commercial interests surrounding the energy and utilities industry, which have heightened enforcement on a sector already prone to shifting legal and regulatory requirements.

Along with regulatory change management, organizations need to account for the global scale of their operations. This includes energy needs that continue to rise around the globe. Companies must be smart in the way they keep pace with demand through internal innovation as well as growing and diversifying supply chains. Whether it is an internal compliance error or third-party breach, the energy industry operates on the global stage where missteps get international news coverage and brand reputations can be tarnished in a matter of hours. The right GRC solutions for energy and utilities sector is key for any company planning to thrive in this rewarding yet volatile business.

What You Need

Automated Policy Management

A policy and procedure management program that keeps environmental and social policies accessible to employees everywhere, and editable in a centralized location by program administrators.

Reliable Case Management

A reliable incident management system that automates the capture and processing of issues ranging from workplace harassment to non-compliance with FERC, NERC or the EPA.

Effective Document Management

An effective document management system that ensures audit trails are not compromised by manual paper programs isolated throughout different offices, locations or worksites.

Value Chain Management

Value chain management (VCM) that applies thorough due diligence and monitoring to all third parties and the various regions and social/political climates in which they operate.