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Master Global Whistleblowing Regulations

Decode changes in global whistleblowing regulations with your own automated, in-house expert.

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Whistleblowing regulations don’t stand still. Neither should you.

NAVEX Regulatory Compliance Management software keeps you aware and ahead of global regulatory changes – with insights into global whistleblowing tailored just for you.

Compliance management starts and lives with your people. Keep employees in-the-know on global whistleblowing, their rights and much more.

  1. Empowerment – Keep your employees informed with detailed, regular compliance updates
  2. Efficiency – Your people can say hello to hours better spent on more critical tasks
  3. People appeal – Compliant organizations resonate with customers and culture-conscious talent
  4. Continuous learning – Upskill employees with current and correct compliance knowledge

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Guard against errors and instill clarity in your third-party communications.

  1. Build trust – Demonstrate your commitment to compliance to your stakeholders and partners
  2. Reputation protection – Safeguard your status, both now and in the future
  3. Streamlined communication – Keep third parties in the loop on updates relevant to them
  4. Consistency – Unite third-party interactions under a single compliance banner

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Meeting global standards brings real strategic advantages – including foresight into potential risks and strengthening your reputation. Deliver them all with NAVEX.

  1. Proactive compliance – Stay ahead of legislation and maintain a clean compliance record
  2. Automated monitoring – Minimize the need for manual compliance duties
  3. Tailored alerts – Get notifications relevant to your industry and operations
  4. Cost efficiency – Cut expensive external consultation fees with a long-term compliance solution

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The global whistleblowing regulations rulebook is getting thicker every year.

Evolving standards, new rules and legislative change all bring new challenges. With NAVEX, you can face them with confidence.

Compliance expertise meets precise automation

  • Personalized database – Your industry, your location: all the laws you need, curated
  • Tailored analysis – Get specialized insights that fit your organization’s unique needs
  • Expert guidance – Connect with us; we’ll assess how your program structures are performing

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Affordable and adaptable compliance management

  • Budget-friendly – Ditch sky-high legal fees and internal resource challenges for always-on compliance
  • Smart updates – Get precise country recommendations relevant to your market
  • Current data – Keep pace with the ever-evolving global regulatory landscape

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Expertise, accessibility and value – all delivered by NAVEX:


  • Detailed country-level regulatory research and analytics
  • Compliance analysis and guidance from incident management experts
  • Direct familiarity with your whistleblowing program
  • Digital portal providing on-demand reference and ongoing updates
  • Budget-friendly

Outside Law Firm

  • Detailed country-level regulatory research and analytics
  • Compliance analysis and guidance from incident management experts

Internal Resources

  • Direct familiarity with your whistleblowing program
  • Budget-friendly

Our top whistleblowing regulation guidance:

Elevate your compliance management strategy

With NAVEX, you combining the best of both whistleblowing solutions and compliance expertise. Why settle for less than NAVEX excellence?