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Risk Management for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry faces a multitude of regulations that must be understood and managed. NAVEX’s manufacturing compliance management solution ensures your organization is compliant, even when audited.

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Manufacturing Industry Compliance Management

Manufacturers are faced with challenging ethics and compliance risks and regulatory requirements. Not only do they typically employ a high number of employees, their facilities are often widely dispersed across multiple locations and their operations are highly interactive and regulated, and involve multiple processes and people. Adding to the challenges are the multitude of regulations that must be understood and managed. A significant number of these relate to workplace safety and health, while others regulate global employee behaviors, how to do business in international markets and best business practices in a dynamic world.

To address these challenges, employees across manufacturing organization – from the factory floor to the executive suite to the board room – should be committed to regulatory compliance and a culture of ethics and respect. By consolidating your GRC initiatives onto a scalable cloud-based platform, you can confidently anticipate and navigate regulatory changes, manage risk intelligently and harness the competitive advantage of compliance.

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What You Need

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct that defines the organization’s character, core policies and expected employee behaviors that binds all stakeholders – employees, executives, board members and third parties – to the ideals of the organization.

Role-Specific Training

A scalable ethics and compliance training solution that allows for the centralized management of a strategic, risk-based approach and provides role-specific ethics and compliance training that aligns people to organizational ideals.

Risk Assessment

An assessment of organizational risks defined by industry, regulatory environment, locations, applicable policies, training, third party risks and other factors that make up an organizational risk profile.

Hotline Reporting & Management

An open and anonymous hotline and incident management channel through which employees, third party vendors and other stakeholders can report ethics and compliance violations and administrators can see and act on reporting trends.


An automated policy management solution that enables the creation, management and distribution of critical policies across the organization in all required languages, as well as the ability to secure stakeholder attestation and an audit trail for these policies.

Third Party Risk Management

A [risk management solution](/en-us/products/navex-ethics-compliance/riskrate-third-party-screening-monitoring/ that aligns third parties, including resellers, agents, vendors and consultants, to the conduct and compliance requirements of the organization and delivers automated, centralized management of the onboarding, screening, risk-based monitoring and administration of third party engagements.